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  • Stands for Muslim Interscholastic Tournament
  • A 3-day regional tournament including: competing in various categories & participating in workshops
  • Helps enhance skills, communication, & leadership
  • Learn more on the regionals website, dcmist.com!
  • Join PV MIST team
    • Speak to President Afreen
    • Register through this link
  • Competitors can win awards
    • If placed a certain place (depending on which category) or higher, competitors can qualify to go to MIST Nationals!
  • Meeting time/place for the next MIST meeting – Every other Thursday in room 314 at 4:00 PM
    • Important info is covered; only 2 people can participate in each category
    • Fundraising events like bake sales are discussed
  • We go to MIST through All Dulles Area Muslims Society (ADAMS)
  • MIST Pep Rally on Friday March 31 at Sterling ADAMS
    • Get hyped!