Perspective on Perfection


What do you consider perfection?

In the now, most women will value their externals. The common reason is to conform with society. On the other hand, perfection can mean peace. There is chaos all over the world especially in Muslim countries and the one we are living in now. Many people just want a day pass by without the media covering (or not) police brutality, injustice in Palestine, Myanmar, Syria, and the list goes on.

So I ask you again, what do you consider perfection?


Beauty Standards Around The World

We go to great lengths to achieve perfection. Hundreds of dollars, numerous hours and a lifetime of ours is spent. One form of perfection that most women try to attain is beauty. In this Buzzfeed video, a woman seeks for self-assurance by sending in a raw photo of hers to diverse photoshop experts awaiting their critiques. beauty standards.JPG

Quote of the Day


Michelangelo’s art isn’t the only thing that spoke volumes! This quote took the words out of my mouth! All minuscule components to everything are ingredients for long yearned perfection. Here and then corrupt individuals will try to diverge you from the path to success. Never take a task for granted.

Good Deeds, Good Vibes

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December of 2015, the Park View MSA had done something unforgettable. We served to the unfortunate D.C. community due to hard work and much effort. Our MSA then understood The Beatles’ song, A Hard Day’s Night. 

Lugging our stuffed backpacks with lunches that totaled up to 123 of them, we felt good. We had started the preparation of lunches the night prior. With the mindset we had, we were unstoppable and ready to commit some good deeds, perfection. However, limited time and money were holding us back which were the flaws.

Anyhow, the smiles we saw when we distributed meals to the homeless were heart warming. All of our MSA members did not regret going on the trip and want to make it a tradition at Park View. That way, each year will have more experience on handling issues, but continue to gain good deeds.