Afreen and Nailah have been very welcoming and they’ve made me feel like part of the MSA family. They’ve embraced me and my ideas with open arms and I can’t be more appreciative for that. They’re some of the kindest, most fun, loving people I know and I consider them my family.

Liana Jackley

D.C. was a great learning and eye opening experience. It felt really nice to take advantage of my opportunities and do something good for someone in need. Nailah was very mature about the entire thing. She had us split up into different groups to work more efficiently and ensured we communicated with each other to make sure no one was left behind or excluded.

Lorena Fuentes

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Michelangelo’s art isn’t the only thing that spoke volumes! This quote took the words out of my mouth! All minuscule components to everything are ingredients for long yearned perfection. Here and then corrupt individuals will try to diverge you from the path to success. Never take a task for granted.

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